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Saturday 11th March 2023

2023 is our 21st Anniversary, so celebrate our “Coming of Age” with us at our Pace Awards ceremony and Gala Dinner on Saturday March 11th, 2023.

We would like you tell us about your work, and your teams in your college, and what makes your College Department and curriculum stand out!

Once you complete the attached application form, the entry will be judged by an independent panel made up of suppliers, sponsors, and industry experts. You can enter one or more of the categories listed on the entry form.


Good luck and remember, this is your PACE.

1.  Industry Ambassador

Who flies the flag on behalf of your College Hospitality/Catering Department in industry?

Who is a tireless networker, forging links with Industry to support and extend great relationships, in order to to enhance the student experience?

Have they had national coverage?

What keeps them enthused?

Have they made a difference to the sector, the world, infinity and beyond?!!!!

2.  Best Industry partnership

Who are your partners in industry?

Is your department co-branded?

Do you have a famous name you work with from industry on a regular basis?

What impact has this had on your overall operation.

Judges will be looking for a partnership or relationship that has had an impact on the department, has helped increase student numbers, or publicity, and has resulted in increased work experiences/job prospects for students.

3.  Best Front of House Team.

Why are you a great Front of House team?

How do the skills sets taught encourage flair and inspire confidence in students?

What makes your diners loyal and happy? What keeps you and the FOH students enthused?

Judges will be looking for commitment to learning and how FOH teaching techniques has impacted on students, colleagues, and the college.

4.  Best Culinary Team.

Why are you a great culinary team?  Are your menus innovative? How do they reflect current food trends? Do you/your students enter competitions?

What keeps you all enthused term after term?

Judges will be looking for commitment to learning and how culinary teaching has impacted on students, colleagues, and the college.

5. Best Sustainability/Environmental Award.

How does your Curriculum reflect best current practices in sustainable food production?

What measures have you introduced to ensure your Department includes environmentally friendly acquisitions and work practices. How do you ensure your students are environmentally aware?

6.  The PACE Executive Award 2023 Nominated and sponsored by PACE.

This award is being presented by the PACE Executive Directorate for significant contribution in raising awareness of Hospitality and Catering Education.


Good luck, and remember, this is YOUR PACE!

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Select Your Category
1. Industry Ambassador
2. Best Industry partnership
3. Best Front of House Team
4. Best Culinary Team
5. Best Sustainability/Environmental Award
6. The PACE Executive Award 2023 Nominated and sponsored by PACE.